About the Brand


“A comfortable touch for every sophisticated, determined, intriguing,

powerful and art soul.”



AJOY SAHU combines positivity and individuality to inspire every customer to embrace their inner beauty and strength. Quality, aesthetic, and mindfulness is held at the forefront of everything AJOY SAHU do; with a vision to build modern, conscious, and wearable pieces to satisfy every consumer.

The inspiration of the poppy is embedded throughout the brand's DNA, the hidden beauty and unimaginable strength of the poppy is mimicked in the brand’s ethos: that every woman should hold belief in their individual beauty and power. Shoes are the platform on which we walk, and each AJOY SAHU design is crafted to create a platform that women can trust. The marriage of quality materials, fluid shapes and intricate detailing is what creates the AJOY SAHU pieces that make each customer feel empowered, confident, and unstoppable.

Each style is created using a mixture of traditional craft techniques and innovative technology to ensure the highest level of comfort and style. For AJOY SAHU it is all about longevity, combining wearability, originality and premium quality to encourage a slow-fashion mentality among consumers. AJOY SAHU is dedicated to creating signature footwear of unparalleled comfort and beauty, with the goal of each design being to encourage, elevate and celebrate the inner beauty and strength of every single woman.

AJOY SAHU Team is based respectively in the UK, Hong Kong and Mainland China.